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Pour wine into decanter.
Attach handle to seal and slide cap to bottom of handle.

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Insert seal into decanter. The cap grips the decanter to make lowering and engaging the seal easier. Do not apply pressure to cap as this may cause it to get stuck in the decanter.

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Push seal down slowly until wine just reaches upper seal surface.Do not allow wine to rise as high as top of seal (where it joins the handle).

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Wine reaches
upper seal surface

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Hold decanter with one hand and engage seal with the other by turning knob clockwise until it stops. Do not apply excessive force.

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Remove handle.
Note: No need to remove handle when preserving only a glass or two of wine.

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Pour away any small amount of wine on top of seal.

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To serve wine, follow the steps below:
First ,attach handle to seal. To do this, slide cap to top of handle, insert handle into decanter and connect it to seal, then gently push cap down until it grips the decanter.Do not push cap down too firmly.

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Then, hold decanter with one hand, slowly turn knob counterclockwise until it stops and slowly remove handle and seal.Tip: If you find that the cap gets stuck when removing the handle, then remove the seal by pulling on the cap instead of the handle.

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Serve and enjoy!

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tips and instructions

Where to store the decanter

For best results it is advisable to store the decanter in the fridge , even if you are preserving red wine.

Avoiding trapped air

Your wine will last longer if you minimize any trapped air between the seal and the wine. If you have trapped air, you can disengage the seal, lower it a little, and re-engage. But remember not to lower so much that the wine rises as high as the top of the seal where it joins the handle. A little practice helps to seal without trapped air and with minimal wine left on top of the seal.

Note: You may notice some tiny bubbles which are normal in some wines and are not an issue.

Tip: You don’t necessarily need to turn counterclockwise all the way when disengaging to remove trapped air - just enough so that the seal no longer grips the glass.

Serving red wine

If serving red wine, remember to take the decanter out of the fridge an hour or two before serving.

Sparkling wines

The Wine Squirrel decanter should not be used for preserving sparkling wines.


Wash before use. To wash the seal, detach it from the handle and place the plug into it before washing to avoid water getting inside the seal. Wash gently under the tap. Do not put the seal or handle in the dishwasher since heat can demagnetize the magnets.
Hand washing is also recommended for the decanter.

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Wine Squirrel Decanter

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